Is there any diaper changing corner or nursing room?
Sorry,we don't have any diaper changing corner or nursing room here.
Is there any smoking room here?
There is one on 5F
If I want to know some details about the products in SkyO's shop,what should I do?
Please ask at individual shops.
How can I have a reservation in restaurants of SkyO?
Please ask at individual shops.
Where are the banks?
There are Sumitomo Mitsui Banking/SMBC Nikko Securities and The Senshu Ikeda Bank on 1F and Tokyo Star Bank on 2F.

If you want to go to SMBC Trust Bank<PRESTIA> on 14F,RESONA Bank·Kansai Mirai Bank on 19F or MUFG Bank on 24F,please take the office floor exclusive elevators on 1F or 3F to 10F and then transfer for other elevators from 10F.
How can I go to Osaka Namba Clinic?
Please take the clinic's exclusive elevators on 1F or 3F.
What should I do when I lost something in Namba SkyO?
Please call Namba SkyO ECC(06-6644-1050).
How can I connect to a free Wi-Fi in Namba SkyO?
Free Wi-Fi Service〈 NAMBA SkyO 2–6F 〉 You can use the Wi-Fi service for free by downloading the Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi application, and by registering your necessary details.
It can then be used in the Osaka Free Wi-Fi areas as shown on the floor guide.
Can I change currency in Namba SkyO?
Foreign Currency Exchange Service 10:00–21:00 〈 NAMBA SkyO 5F 〉 
Foreign currency can be converted to Japanese yen at the current exchange rate,
but conversion from Japanese yen to foreign currencies is not possible.
Chinese yuan, Hong Kong dollars, Taiwanese dollars, South Korean won, U.S. dollars, euros, British pounds, Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, Thai baht, Singaporean dollars and Philippine pesos are accepted.
How to use LinkRay?
LinkRay™〈 NAMBA SkyO 1–6F 〉
You can access information about NAMBA SkyO by downloading the smartphone app.
1. Download and open the LinkRay™ app.
2. Hold your phone over one of the LinkRay™ marks within NAMBA SkyO.
Can I pay with my credit card?
Please ask at individual shops regarding credit card use.
Is there any rule in Namba SkyO?
No smoking / No consuming food or drink / No taking photographs
Please tell me how to use tax-free service.
Tax-free Service 10:00–21:30〈 NAMBA CITY Main Building B2F 〉
Shops marked with the tax-free logo offer tax-free purchases.
You can make use of this service at the Tax-free Counter on the B2F of the NAMBA CITY Main Building.
Where is the information counter?
General Information〈 NAMBA CITY 1F 〉
There is an information counter on the first floor of NAMBA CITY.
Where can I find a luggage storage shop?
Short-term Luggage Storage 【nest】
〈 Nankai Namba Station, in front of the 2F central ticket gates 〉
1. Luggage storage
Same-day storage for suitcases or hand luggage. Fee: 700 yen (incl. tax) per item of hand luggage.
2. Luggage delivery, 10:00–18:00
Luggage, such as suitcases or souvenirs, can be delivered to anywhere in the country.
How can I use prayer room?
Prayer Room〈 NAMBA CITY Main Building B1F 〉
The Prayer Room may be used after applying at the Information Counter on NAMBA CITY’s B1F.