[Café / Bar]


PRONTO has various tastes and expressions from morning to night.
They have a morning menu with fragrant coffee in the morning and a pasta menu in the cafe time for lunch. The seasonal limited pasta that changes according to the season is highly recommended. Beer, highballs, cocktails, wine, whiskey, etc. in a calm atmosphere at night

It becomes a bar time where you can enjoy various kinds of alcohol, and you can relax with your favorite cup. They also have bar food such as pizza and raw ham that goes well with alcohol. The original pizza from Namba Skyo that you can't taste at other PRONTO shops is also popular.
Please come to PRONTO where you can go to many times a day.

Shop Information

Business Hours
/81 seats
Reservation accepted
Wheelchair accessible
Support for strollers
/Yes (* No child seat)
Supported Cards/Payments
/iD/Rakuten Edy/Transportation IC and other major credit cards