[Food Hall / Beer Hall]



At ITADAKIMASU, you can enjoy the best seasonal ingredients in Osaka and delicious food specially selected from all over Japan. Here you can find good quality ingredients such as pesticide-free vegetables specially selected by a certified vegetable sommelier, which you can see the agricultural producer's photo, fresh fish delivered directly from fishing harbours and wholesale markets, healthy pastured beef and so on. Furthermore, you can enjoy a variety tastes at the same time, such as Japanese sake, Japanese wine and Japanese craft beer.

ITADAKIMASU serves a casual buffet at the lunch time. It is popular that you can eat fresh vegetables delivered directly from farmers as much as you can and also valuable. While it changes into a kind of relaxable Izakaya restaurant at the dinner time. What's more, ITADAKIMASU holds a local liquor event on weekends, changing the production areas and the kinds of alcohols every week. During the weekend event, ITADAKIMASU provides wonderful Japanese sakes that suprise alcohol lovers, also, seasonal ingredients from different areas and local gourmet, all of these you can hardly taste in Osaka. Please come and experience the combining flavor of Japanese tasty liquor and gourmet!

Shop Information

Business Hours
/11:00~21:30 (L.O. 21:00)
/100 seats
Reservation accepted
Wheelchair accessible
Support for strollers
Supported Cards/Payments
/VISA/Mastercard/JCB/American express/IC/Rakuten Edy/Rakuten Pay /QUICPay etc.