Established in 1900, the company has been manufacturing and selling kitchen knives in Sakai, Osaka for over 100 years. While it is said that "Over 90% of chefs use Sakai knives" our kitchen knives are widely known as "Pro-purposed articles that stick to tools" and are loved by more than 100,000 cooks.
I went to Namba SKYO with the idea that "Please choose a kitchen knife that fits your hand for the general public.".

At the store front, we have a wide selection of about 10,000 items such as Japanese kitchen knives, sashimi knives, western kitchen knives, beef knives, petty knives, and home use santoku knives.
Please pick the best one by holding the kitchen knife that the craftsman made with his soul directly in the store and checking its sharpness, weight and size.

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