[baked doughnuts and drinks]

Seiichiro Soymilk

Seiichiro Soymilk is a factory-direct soymilk specialty store. We only use high quality soy beans made in Japan. The soy milk is made with a special time-shortened method without oxidation, and the milk is mild and not bitter. You can easily make Tofu with the milk if you put in bittern.
Enjoy the additive free and rich milk full of charms.

Handmade baked doughnuts made in the store are made with soy milk and soybean curd refuse. The soft and fluffy doughnuts will catch your heart You can take out the doughnuts for souveniers.
There are also a variety you can enjoy only at Seiichiro Soymilk - soy milk puddings, soy milk drink, soy milk lunch. You can enjoy the soft taste whether you are a soy milk lover or not.

Shop Information

Opening Hours
/Monday~Saturday 10:00~21:00
Sunday&National Holidays 10:00~20:00
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Credit cards available
/Main credit cards, some electric money are available